Never backlog a customer-facing SaaS integration again

Save your team months of engineering on integrations so you can focus on building your core product.

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Trusted by B2B SaaS companies around the world
Trusted by B2B SaaS companies globally
Trusted by B2B SaaS companies globally

Offload the heavy lifting to Paragon

Paragon handles the most tedious aspects of every integration, so you can focus purely on designing the workflows.

White-labeled Authentication

Handling user authentication is painful

Save your team the headache and securely connect to your customers’ apps - the Paragon SDK comes with fully managed authentication.

  • OAuth 2.0 authentication layer
  • Secure token storage and automatic refresh
  • Offline access
  • Out of the box end-user UI (fully configurable)
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Pre-built connectors

Studying API docs isn't fun

Combing through messy API docs for basic workflows is not enjoyable, nor is it a good use of your resources. With our pre-built connectors, common workflow actions come out of the box while retaining access to all API endpoints for full feature flexibility.

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Modernized UI

Don't let your dev team be the bottleneck

While Paragon is designed for developers, our seamless and intuitive workflow builder will enable your product team to update and ship new integrations on their own, without having to bother engineers for simple workflows.

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Error handling

Spend time building, not fixing

Save your dev and customer success teams hours of headaches with built in error handling, auto-retries of failed requests, detailed logs of every execution, and automated alerts.

Step 1

Install the Paragon SDK

Embed Paragon in your app with just a few lines of Javascript.

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Step 2

Pick your integration

Deliver the integrations your customers keep asking for from our ever growing list of popular SaaS integrations.

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Step 3

Build your first workflow

Sync data to and from your customers' apps, or send App Events in real-time with Paragon's built-in webhook triggers and API connectors.

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Step 4

Go live with our out-of-the-box UI

Provide your users an elegant, customizable, out-of-the-box integration experience that's embedding in your product.

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End-to-end monitoring and visibility

Visualize the flow of data throughout every execution to monitor workflow activity. Automatic alerting notifies you of any issues so you can respond easily without digging through server logs.

World-class performance and security.

Paragon’s workflow engine scales to handle thousands of concurrent tasks, automatic retries, and more - delivering enterprise-grade performance and reliability without zero management.

With role-based permissions, SSO, and on-premise deployments, Paragon provides the security and controls to ensure your data is protected.

List of integrations in Paragon

Integrate with any SaaS app

Centralize and scale your entire integration roadmap on Paragon with our pre-built connectors and Custom Integration Builder (works with any SaaS API).