Microsoft Dynamics

Integrate your app with Microsoft Dynamics

Paragon makes it easy to deliver a Microsoft Dynamics integration for your customers - embedded natively in your app, with just a few lines of code.

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Save weeks of engineering building a Microsoft Dynamics integration

Embed Paragon's SDK in your app with a few lines of code and deliver Microsoft Dynamics integration for your customers in minutes. Check out the Paragon Microsoft Dynamics integration docs for more information.

  • Ready-made UI, embed with a few lines of code
  • Fully managed authentication
  • Visual workflow builder for customizing integrations
  • Access any Microsoft Dynamics API methods
  • Fully configurable by your end users
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Connect to your users' Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Connect to your users’ Microsoft Dynamics account to create, access, and update records in their Microsoft Dynamics account. Paragon enables you to sync data between your app and your users’ Microsoft Dynamics account, for example:

  • Create or update records in your users’ Microsoft Dynamics account
  • Sync records from your users’ Microsoft Dynamics account

Microsoft Dynamics

Workflow Actions

Microsoft Dynamics

Workflow Actions

Don't see the actions you need here? Use Paragon's Connect API to access any Microsoft Dynamics API method.

Seamless user experience

Paragon’s Connect Portal provides a seamless onboarding experience - allowing your customers to activate and configure integrations without leaving your app.

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Ship integrations without the hassle

Accelerate your integration roadmap with our growing library of pre-built integrations with the most popular SaaS applications.