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Ship customer-facing SaaS integrations in minutes

Save months of engineering with the unified Paragon API and provide your users a seamless integration experience.

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Trusted by B2B SaaS companies around the world
Trusted by B2B SaaS companies globally
Trusted by B2B SaaS companies globally
List of integrations in Paragon

Dozens of connectors with a single API

While Kloudless has shut down, our growing team of engineers maintains and updates all supported connectors, so your team can focus on designing seamless workflows instead of spending hours on messy API documentation.

Offload the heavy lifting to Paragon

Experience fully managed Oauth2.0 authentication, a modernized workflow builder, and access all API endpoints.

Pre-built connectors

Ship integrations in under an hour

Install the Paragon SDK in a few lines of code and launch your most requested integrations from our ever growing library of built-in connectors in minutes.

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Modernized UI

A seamless integration experience

Built by developers who obsess over the finest details, our visual workflow builder provides pre-built connectors while maintaining access to all API endpoints and custom objects for more complex workflows.

White-labeled Authentication

Fully managed authentication and UI

Securely connect to your customers’ apps without complex integration code and token management.

  • Out of the box end-user UI (fully configurable)
  • OAuth 2.0 authentication layer
  • Secure token storage and automatic refresh
  • Offline access
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Modernized UI

Spend time building, not fixing

Save your customer success team hours of headaches with built in error handling, auto-retries of failed requests, detailed logs of every execution, and automated alerts.

Scale your integration roadmap - see Paragon in action.

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"Our team asked me "how the heck did we get Slack integrated so quickly?" We're now ramping up our onboarding thanks to our ability to easily add integrations through Paragon."

Garrett Hampton
CTO of Mainstem

"Paragon not only saved us weeks of engineering time delivering a Salesforce integration for our customers, we can now consistently ship new integrations."

Rudy Lai
Co-Founder of QuantCopy

"Paragon helped us quickly ship a Slack integration that we were always putting on the back burner. Now it’s live and serving happy customers in under a month."

Oleg Zaremba
Co-founder & CTO of AXDRAFT

"We love Paragon because in the time it took us to setup one integration, we can now enable 10+ integrations without any extra engineering work.”

Peter Clark
Co-Founder, CEO of Journey

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Full feature flexibility

Highly extensible for developers

Paragon is highly extensible for developers - designed to build deeper integrations.
Write your own JavaScript with cloud functions to easily transform data or add custom business logic to integrations.

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Fully secure

The highest data security standards

We take data security and compliance very seriously, to ensure your customers’ data are safely stored.

  • Single-tenant and on-premise deployment options
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Best practices for data storage and encryption