Driving Native Integration Adoption

Watch this webinar where we share 10 actionable steps on how you can maximize adoption for your product's native integrations.

Key takeways

Track the integration adoption funnel - you can't improve what you can't measure
Don't get your MVP criteria wrong, as it can result in a useless integration
Launch strong and build evergreen integration adoption levers


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Have you ever spent months of engineering resources building a native integration, just to launch it and see near-zero usage?

It's a problem many companies face, because they lack a robust go-to-market framework for launching integrations and driving adoption.

In this webinar, Brian (Paragon) and Kelsey (Partner Fleet) share 10 actionable steps (with examples) for how you can maximize adoption of your product's native integrations, including:

- Measuring the integration adoption funnel
- A prioritization framework for building high-value integrations
- Clearly defining the MVP criteria for an integration
- Going to market tactics and channels to maximize installs
- Building enablement assets and tutorials to streamline onboarding
- Driving ongoing awareness/usage of your integrations
- Leveraging partnerships to maximize integration awareness

You can also read our article on driving integration adoption, which provides even more detail on what metrics you should track and provides a launch checklist you can use for every integration.


Head of Marketing, Paragon

Brian Yam

Head of Marketing, Paragon
Kelsey Johnson

Kelsey Johnson

Head of Marketing, Partner Fleet

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