Build vs. Buy - Product Features

Get our in-depth, 7-step framework for making the right build-vs-buy decision for your next feature below.

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Make the right build vs. buy decision for shipping new product features

We sat down with leaders from embedded SaaS companies to discuss the considerations that teams need to consider throughout their decision making process.

We approached this conversation from both angles, and discussed the scenarios in which you should never buy a solution, as well as others where building in-house would not be the best long term decision for your business.

Key Takeways


What features you should never buy


Why startups prefer to build in-house


Evaluation criteria and hidden costs you must consider


Emilia Korczynska
Head of Marketing at Userpilot
Nimrod Priell
CEO & Founder of Cord
Mieke Houbrechts
Marketing Manager at Cumul.io
Brian Yam
Head of Marketing at Paragon