Building an Integration Ecosystem - Prioritization and APIs

Prioritizing integrations is simple in the early days of building your SaaS, but building a portfolio and ecosystem of integrations is complex and messy.

Luckily, Jeremy Alexander and Billy Robins share their entire framework for building their tech partnerships and ecosystem strategy.

They cover how they bucket requests via strategic initiatives, prioritize integrations based on expected business impact, identify fruitful partnership opportunities, and how they've approached designing their API to enable partners to build towards their platform.

Key Takeways


Leverage strategic integrations and partnerships to gain upmarket presence


Prioritize integrations via business value and gain cross-functional alignment


Unlock a wide array of hypothesized use cases with thoughtful API design


Jeremy Alexander
Ecosystem Product Manager at Productboard
Billy Robins
Head of Partnerships at Productboard
Brian Yam
Head of Marketing at Paragon