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Too busy to watch the whole interview? We summarized many of the insights Krishan shared in an article below.

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Apollo.io has built a systematic way to know which integrations to build, measure their impact and then monetize those integrations. It’s an impressive, product-led approach from which all SaaS companies can learn. In this value-packed episode, Krishan Patel, VP of Product at Apollo.io, shares actionable tips and insights on:

  • How to determine if its time to shift your B2B SaaS company from a sales-led approach to a product-led growth strategy
  • How using a variety of quantitative and qualitative metrics can help you figure out which integrations to prioritize
  • Why the aha moment is less important than getting customers to build the habit of using their product
  • How to connect the dots between actions and retention and using the insights to build a robust onboarding strategy
  • How integrations support adoption and retention because they offer a significant boost to both your product’s utility and its visibility

To learn more about Apollo.io's sales intelligence and engagement platform, visit https://www.apollo.io/.

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Krishan Patel
VP of Product at Apollo.io
Brian Yam
Head of Marketing at Paragon