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Key takeways

Shifting from sales led to product led can be the biggest growth lever for your company
Integrations are key to getting users to build a habit around using your product
Adoption and retention are tightly correlated with product utility and visibility


Too busy to watch the whole interview? We summarized many of the insights Krishan shared in an article below.

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Apollo.io has built a systematic way to know which integrations to build, measure their impact and then monetize those integrations. It’s an impressive, product-led approach from which all SaaS companies can learn. In this value-packed episode, Krishan Patel, VP of Product at Apollo.io, shares actionable tips and insights on:

  • How to determine if its time to shift your B2B SaaS company from a sales-led approach to a product-led growth strategy
  • How using a variety of quantitative and qualitative metrics can help you figure out which integrations to prioritize
  • Why the aha moment is less important than getting customers to build the habit of using their product
  • How to connect the dots between actions and retention and using the insights to build a robust onboarding strategy
  • How integrations support adoption and retention because they offer a significant boost to both your product’s utility and its visibility

To learn more about Apollo.io's sales intelligence and engagement platform, visit https://www.apollo.io/.

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Guest speakers

Krishan Patel

Krishan Patel

VP of Product at Apollo.io
Brian Yam

Brian Yam

Head of Marketing at Paragon


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