From Open Sourced to Platform - The Integrated Podcast

Too busy to watch the whole interview? We summarized many of the insights Matt shared in an article below.

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Building a vibrant developer community and partner program is key to a successful platform strategy.

Matt Marum, Director of ISV, brings his wealth of experience from being a part of Sugar's journey over the years. From his early days as an IC developer, to taking on leadership roles in product management and developer advocacy, he's seen the full gamut of challenges involved with scaling integration roadmaps. In this episode, he shares many of the lessons they've learned, as well as advice that will set you up for success on your integration journey.

Key Takeways


Starting off open sourced has its benefits, but may not translate to commercial value


Building internally (with or without an embedded iPaaS) sets the standard for 3rd party built integrations


Ensure your API accommodates data integration, process automation, and UI integration use cases


Matt Marum
Director of ISV Alliances at SugarCRM
Brian Yam
Head of Marketing at Paragon