Unlocking New Use Cases Through Integrations - The Integrated Podcast

Your product is uniquely positioned to solve a specific set of problems very well, but you will never be able to do everything.

Integrations are a way to not only fill that gap, but also a way to learn about how users may be using your product in unintended ways.

In this value-packed episode, Neel Desai, Director of Product Management at Profitwell*, shares actionable tips and insights on:

  • The impact of integrations on customer acquisition and churn
  • Prioritizing integrations based on a 4-step framework
  • How integrations can unlock new use cases and value from your product
  • How to measure the ROI of the integrations you've built
  • Gaining alignment across sales, customer success, and marketing on the product roadmap

Bonus: Check out Neel's podcast Retention Talk, where product and customer success leaders share tactical secrets on how to reduce churn, from cancellation flows to upgrade/downgrade strategies.

Profitwell was recently acquired by Paddle, a subscription payments infrastructure platform*

Key Takeways


Integrations allow your customers to get value without being a daily user


Maintaining integrations is much more work than the initial build


Prioritizing integrations appropriately requires an ROI based approach


Neel Desai
Director of Product at Profitwell (now Paddle)
Brian Yam
Head of Marketing at Paragon