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Rapidly scale and centralize your integration roadmap with our Custom Integration Builder.

Ship any integration in 3 steps

Paragon's Custom Integration builder makes it simple to integrate your product with any app provider.

Fully-Managed Authentication

1. Provide authentication details

Securely authenticate and connect to your users' accounts with any app provider via OAuth 2.0 or API keys without code.

Visual Workflow Builder

2. Turn workflow logic into reality

Easily sync data with the Custom Integration app with the visual workflow editor or the Paragon SDK.

Connect Portal

3. Customize the end user experience

Configure the Connect Portal for any integration to provide a seamless and consistent integration experience for your customers.

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"Our team asked me "how the heck did we get Slack integrated so quickly?" We're now ramping up our onboarding thanks to our ability to easily add integrations through Paragon."

Garrett Hampton
CTO of Mainstem

"Paragon not only saved us weeks of engineering time delivering a Salesforce integration for our customers, we can now consistently ship new integrations."

Rudy Lai
Co-Founder of QuantCopy

"Paragon helped us quickly ship a Slack integration that we were always putting on the back burner. Now it’s live and serving happy customers in under a month."

Oleg Zaremba
Co-founder & CTO of AXDRAFT

"We love Paragon because in the time it took us to setup one integration, we can now enable 10+ integrations without any extra engineering work.”

Peter Clark
Co-Founder, CEO of Journey

"Paragon allowed us to start building new integrations right away without any of the pain of figuring out the intricacies of each platform."

Dmitry Dolgopolov
Co-Founder & CTO of DigitalBrain