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For early-stage companies building their first integrations.
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Everything businesses need to rapidly scale their integrations.
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On-premise deployment and custom pricing for high-growth companies.
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"Paragon not only saved us weeks of engineering time delivering a Salesforce integration for our customers, we can now consistently ship new integrations on our roadmap."

Rudy Lai
Co-Founder of QuantCopy

"Paragon helped us quickly ship a Slack integration that we were always putting on the back burner. Now it’s live and serving happy customers in under a month."

Oleg Zaremba
Co-founder & CTO of AXDRAFT

"We love Paragon because in the time it took us to setup one integration, we can now enable 10+ integrations without any extra engineering work.”

Peter Clark
Co-Founder, CEO of Journey

"Paragon allowed us to start building new integrations right away without any of the pain of figuring out the intricacies of each platform."

Dmitry Dolgopolov
Co-Founder & CTO of DigitalBrain

Frequently asked questions

What does Paragon do?

Paragon is a platform that makes it easy to integrate your product with other SaaS apps your customers use. We provide a single SDK that allows you to embed customer-facing integrations directly into your product, and built-in connectors that allow you to enable new integrations in minutes.

What does Paragon connect to?

Paragon supports integration with the most popular SaaS apps like Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot and many more. Here's the full list of our currently supported integrations.

If you need to integration with an app that we don't support direct integration with yet, let us know and we'll add it to our roadmap.

How long does it take to implement Paragon?

It typically takes a developer 1-2 hours to setup the Paragon SDK in your app. Once Paragon is setup in your app, you can enable and configure new integrations in just minutes using our visual workflow editor.

What kind of integrations do people build with Paragon?

In general, our customers use Paragon to build integrations that connect their product with data in their customer's other SaaS apps.

Here are some examples of integrations built with Paragon:

- Syncing contact or lead data from your users' Salesforce to your app
- Pushing contacts from your apps to your users' HubSpot
- Sending notifications to your users in Slack
- Syncing events from your app to your users' Zoom or Google Calendar

Is Paragon secure?

We take security extremely seriously at Paragon and have an entire section dedicated to how Paragon securely handles your data.

How does Paragon compare to services like Zapier?

With Zapier, you have to tell your customer to setup and pay for their own Zapier account, figure out how to connect the integration themselves on Zapier, and maintain it on their own. Even if your customers are willing to do so, this often leads to misconfigured integrations due to user error. Additionally, your customers end up paying for Zapier when you could instead upsell them by providing integrations as a product feature.

Paragon provides fully whitelabeled integrations that are embedded natively in your product. This offers your customers a seamless, unified integration experience that allows them to activate integrations from within your product, while giving you full control of your integrations' behavior.

Who uses Paragon? Engineers or non-technical people?

You'll need a developer to initially setup up the Paragon SDK in your app. From there, you can enable new integrations in minutes and build integration logic with or without code.

Create custom workflows with Paragon’s visual workflow editor that your customers can activate in their integrations. Setup bidirectional sync, real-time webhooks, and more with little to no code. Or if you prefer, use Paragon’s REST API to access the app provider’s API directly.

What if I want an integration Paragon doesn't support yet?

We're adding new integrations every week, so let us know if there's an integration you need and we'll add it to our roadmap!

Can I host Paragon on-premise?

Yes! We have an on-premise version of Paragon you can deploy and host on your own VPC. Contact us for more information.