After in-house server crash, Crystal rebuilds integrations on Paragon


week to ship 3 integrations

week to ship 3 integrations


Server shut-downs

Server shut-downs


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About Crystal

Crystal is an AI-driven personality data platform which helps sales teams tailor their communication by predicting personality types and offering real-time suggestions. We sat down with Paul Jones, VP of Engineering at Crystal, to learn about their experience with integrations and with Paragon.

The Challenge: In-house integrations caused significant downtime

To sell to sales teams, Crystal needed to have seamless native integrations with the major CRM platforms - notably Salesforce and HubSpot. However, the native CRM integrations they had built in-house were brittle.

Given that their integrations shared the same codebase and resources as the rest of the Crystal product, integration-triggered job queues could overwhelm their servers, which led to significant downtime.

“We had a couple of in-house CRM integrations by the time I joined - the way it was set up, if someone imported an entire new contact list into Salesforce, that would kick off thousands of jobs immediately on our servers. At a conference, one of our customers kicked off one of these jobs which took down Crystal because the job queue couldn’t handle the spike.”

They had put off fixing the existing CRM integrations because the legacy of a problem to deal with (the code was written in Ruby) - that was until their CEO discovered Paragon.

Choosing Paragon: The Turning Point

With Paragon, Crystal’s engineering team was able to quickly rebuild their CRM integrations without needing to worry about concurrences, queuing, or other complex deployment processes. "The experience with Paragon was transformative for Crystal... Paragon's intuitive platform allowed our development team to quickly and efficiently rebuild the CRM integrations."

Crystal saw the impact buying a solution had on their product. "What we needed to do was keep the engineers focused on new Crystal features... and leverage a platform like Paragon for how we can get this in front of more people." This partnership allowed Crystal to focus on its core product while ensuring their CRM integrations were robust, scalable, and reliable.

The Result: Sophisticated CRM Integrations

With Paragon, Crystal developed sophisticated CRM integrations that automated the syncing of customer data and sales strategies based on personality insights. Users can create contacts in Salesforce, push them through the Crystal API, get back personality data, and push that personality data back to fields in Salesforce. This streamlined approach not only solved the initial integration challenges but also enhanced Crystal's service offering to its customers.

The Impact: Reduced maintenance and closed won deals

Onboarding Paragon delivered significant benefits, including the reduction of integration maintenance time and the enhanced ability to close more deals through having specific integrations.

“Once it's working, very little maintenance is needed… Furthermore, the ability to rapidly deploy integrations before the end of the quarter made Paragon’s benefit undeniable: Being able to spin that up in the week before the new year gave our sales team the ability to go into conversations and just say, 'We have a Salesforce integration now let's talk.’"

Looking ahead: Building deeper integrations

Crystal saw the importance of selecting the right tool for the problem. Paul reflected that choosing the right tool would not only solve the technical challenge but also enhance their strategic focus. "Our journey with Paragon is a testament to the impact of integrating the right tools, allowing us to enhance our product offering and streamline operations without sacrificing innovation,". Looking ahead, Crystal is building more functionality into their calendar integrations. We will continue to update this as Crystal progresses their integration journey.

Ready to get started?

Join 100+ SaaS companies that arescaling their integration roadmaps with Paragon.

Ready to get started?

Join 100+ SaaS companies that arescaling their integration roadmaps with Paragon.

Ready to get started?

Join 100+ SaaS companies that arescaling their integration roadmaps with Paragon.

Ready to get started?

Join 100+ SaaS companies that arescaling their integration roadmaps with Paragon.