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About Tactic

Tactic vision is to enable enterprises make decisions with 10x more information. They provide a no-code tool that extracts actionable insight from unstructured data, like documents, pictures, audio and video clips to help revenue teams in high growth tech companies save time, by making it faster to assemble information from multiple sources. With their ambitious vision, Tactic immediately saw the market demand for their product after launching in early 2020, and quickly counted companies like Workfront (Adobe) and GoCardless among their customers.

The Challenge

Tactic newfound traction didn't come without new challenges. Given that Tactic was selling to enterprise revenue teams, it was evident that providing a way to integrate QuantCopy with their customers' CRM data quickly became one of their biggest priorities - some customers even started to complain about their lack of a native CRM integration. Moreover, they realized that providing integrations would help accelerate their sales efforts and increase customer satisfaction by addressing the requirements of multiple stakeholders and users throughout their customers' buying process.

"Integrations are vital to our customers on three levels — for enterprise buyers, senior leaders care about how we play with the rest of their toolset. Managers care about how we track success, which we do by stitching data between our systems and integrated systems. Users activate and engage better when our product integrates into their day-to-day tools. "- Rudy Lai, co-founder of Tactic

As soon as it became clear that Tactic needed integrations to service the growing demand among their enterprise customers, they began searching for a solution.

Building in-house

Their first inclination was to build the integrations themselves, but quickly realized how time-consuming they knew building integrations in-house would be. That along with the fact that their team would need to develop specific expertise for each CRM vendor they wanted to integrate with.

Daunted by the time, cost, and effort that would have been required to build the native integrations themselves, Rudy and his team continued to delay integrations on their roadmap - despite how critical they knew they would be for their customers and their sales efforts.

The Solution

While searching for an easier solution, Tactic's co-founder Rudy Lai came across Paragon. Despite being skeptical at first, Lai realized that Paragon would enable them to finally deliver on their customers' constant demands for integrations while avoiding the massive time and cost investment of building integrations in-house. The decision was easy, and within days they began using Paragon to build an integration with Salesforce - their most-requested CRM integration by their customers.

Implementation Process

Paragon's SDK made it simple for the Tactic team to get started without managing complex vendor-specific authentication strategies. Not only that, Paragon's provided a ready-made UI they could embed directly into their app to allow their customers to connect their Salesforce accounts to Tactic.

With Paragon, Tactic had authentication and a working connection with Salesforce built into their app within minutes.

They were surprised how straightforward setting up the OAuth 2.0 authentication was, and were able to build a secure, working connection with Salesforce right in their app in minutes. From there, Paragon's Connect API provided direct access to their customers' Salesforce API, making it easy to build low-code workflows to pull their customers' Salesforce CRM data into Tactic's app.

In addition to Paragon's product, Tactic also cited the Paragon team's support and integration expertise as one of the main reasons they were able to get up and running so quickly. "The Paragon team was incredibly helpful with their support," said Lai, "Once we got started with Paragon, building our Salesforce integration became even easier than we envisioned."

"Once we got started with Paragon, building our Salesforce integration became even easier than we envisioned. Thanks to Paragon, we've launched our Salesforce integration both with confidence and in record time." - Rudy Lai

The Result

Tactic was able ship their Salesforce integration with Paragon in just 5 days. Their team estimates that without Paragon, it would have taken one month or longer between their product and engineering teams just to build the Salesforce integration.

With Paragon, Tactic was able to swiftly provide a Salesforce integration that enables their users to gather actionable insight around any object in Salesforce on the Tactic platform. Users can then act on those insights by directly writing new information into Salesforce from within Tactic, and managers can track the impact of insights by stitching pipeline metrics from Salesforce with actions on the Tactic platform.

The team at Tactic is now confident in providing the enterprise-readiness their customers need to integrate Tactic with their other cloud applications, even as their customers come to them with new integration requests.

What's next?

No longer burdened by the time and cost of building their own integrations, Tactic looks forward to integrating more CRMs like HubSpot and even other data sources like Google Drive and Slack into their platform.

"We would definitely recommend Paragon to any company that provides an enterprise SaaS application," says Lai.

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