Build production-ready integrations in minutes, not months

Paragon is a platform that makes it easy to build product integrations and deliver the features your customers want, faster.
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Unified integration platform

Focus on your product, not writing integrations

Paragon provides production-ready integrations that you can connect to your app in minutes with our visual workflow editor. Focus on building your core product - not spending months stitching together disparate services or writing integration code.

Accelerate your roadmap

Streamline developer efficiency and deliver features without manually coding integrations.

Enable better collaboration

Product and engineering can work collaboratively with Paragon’s visual workflow editor.

Scale your business faster

Paragon autoscales to deliver blazing fast performance without managing your own infra.

Creating a workflow to send users a Sendgrid email using Paragon
Productized integrations

Connect with your customers' apps

Your customers expect your product to work seamlessly with their other cloud apps. Paragon makes it easy to build user-facing integrations directly into your product, helping deliver incredible experiences your customers will love.

Managed Authentication

Instantly authenticate your users’ apps with built-in OAuth 2.0 support.


Allow your customers to connect their apps without leaving your product.

Easily Customizable

Configure integrations for each customer with Paragon’s visual workflow editor.


Built for developers, by developers

We obsess over the right abstractions to give developers the flexibility to build complex workflows without the painstaking engineering work.

  • Cloud functions
  • Javascript library support
  • Scheduled & event-driven workflows
  • Webhooks

End-to-end monitoring and visibility

Visualize the flow of data throughout every execution to monitor workflow activity. Automatic alerting notifies you of any issues so you can respond easily without digging through server logs.

World-class performance and security.

Paragon’s workflow engine scales to handle thousands of concurrent tasks, automatic retries, and more - delivering enterprise-grade performance and reliability without zero management.

With role-based permissions, SSO, and on-premise deployments, Paragon provides the security and controls to ensure your data is protected.

Paragon has enabled our team to build and iterate on new features with virtually no engineering resources. This enabled us to build a chatbot integration with in three hours - a project we originally expected would take weeks.

Niccolo Maisto
CEO of