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Visually build and run production-ready workflows in minutes. Automate tasks, integrate APIs, and connect data across your company - in just a few clicks.
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Building a workflow in Paragon

in 4 minutes

Build production-ready workflows in minutes.

Paragon provides building blocks like triggers, API requests, and database queries, giving your team the power to create production-ready workflows in minutes.

World-class companies use Paragon to engage customers, automate processes, integrate data, and build features to scale their businesses faster, with less engineering.

Paragon has enabled our product team to build and iterate on new features with virtually no engineering resources. This enabled us to get a chatbot up and running with Paragon in three hours - a project that would normally have taken one week.

Niccolo Maisto
CEO of

Integrate with any API or datasource.

Paragon makes it easy to build workflows with your data, wherever it lives. Choose from our growing library of API and database integrations or connect directly to any HTTP API.

Explore Workflow Templates

See what’s possible on Paragon with our ready-made templates or use them as a starting point for your own workflows.

"Paragon has streamlined our workflow helping us go 0 to 1 on new features quickly. Its powerful yet simple abstractions make it flexible enough for basic and complex pipelines alike."

Alexander Kern
CTO of Zebra Intelligence

Fully extensible for developers.

For workflows that require more unique logic, developers can write code with built-in cloud functions - making Paragon fully extensible for even the most powerful uses cases, and allowing engineers to collaborate seamlessly with other stakeholders.

We've been using Paragon for a few weeks, and it's incredible. Paragon is by far the fastest and easiest way to run background jobs regularly or in response to events.”

Jake Mor
Founder of

End-to-end monitoring and visibility.

Visualize the flow of data throughout every task to easily monitor workflow activity and gain visibility into what’s happening. Automatic alerts notify you of any errors, so you can debug issues faster if anything goes wrong.

World-class performance and security.

Paragon’s workflow engine scales to handle thousands of concurrent tasks, automatic retries, and more - delivering enterprise-grade performance and reliability without zero management.

With role-based permissions, SSO, and on-premise deployments, Paragon provides the security and controls to ensure your data is protected.