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Integrate your app with Salesforce in minutes

Paragon is the easiest way to integrate your product with third-party SaaS apps, providing your customers with an embedded, native integration experience.

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Build a Slack integration with Paragon
in under 10 minutes

Deliver the integrations your customers want

Studies show that integrations increase a product's retention and make it more valuable to customers.
Paragon is the easiest way to integrate your product with other SaaS apps - helping you build a stickier product that customers love.

Products with at least one integration have
  • 10-15%
    increase in retention
  • 10-30%
    higher willingness to pay
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Creating a workflow to send users a Sendgrid email using Paragon

Implement Paragon in just five minutes

Embed Paragon’s Connect Portal with just a few lines of Javascript and start integrating with your customers’ apps in minutes.

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Connect users

Native user experience

Paragon’s Connect Portal provides a seamless onboarding experience - making it easy for customers to connect their apps right from your product.

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User configuration

Fully configurable

Customize the look and feel of your Connect Portal and provide settings for your customers to configure their integration experience.

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Authenticate users

Managed authentication

Paragon provides fully managed authentication, so you can securely connect to your customers’ apps without complex integration code.

  • OAuth 2.0 authentication
  • Secure token storage
  • Automatic token refresh
  • Offline access

Customize your integrations with workflows

User Paragon's visual workflow builder to create custom integrations that your customers can activate and configure.


Sync data from your customers' apps

Instantly sync data in real-time from your customers’ apps into your application with Paragon's built-in Webhook triggers.

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App Events

Push data to your customers' apps

Connect events from your application to customers’ apps by sending App Events with the Paragon SDK and mapping them with our pre-built API connectors.

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Cloud Functions

Built for developers

Paragon is highly extensible for developers - write your own JavaScript with cloud functions to easily transform data or add custom business logic to integrations.

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"Paragon not only saved us weeks of engineering time delivering a Salesforce integration for our customers, we can now consistently ship new integrations on our roadmap."

Rudy Lai
Co-Founder of QuantCopy

"Paragon helped us quickly ship a Slack integration that we were always putting on the back burner. Now it’s live and serving happy customers in under a month."

Oleg Zaremba
Co-founder & CTO of AXDRAFT

"We love Paragon because in the time it took us to setup one integration, we can now enable 10+ integrations without any extra engineering work.”

Peter Clark
Co-Founder, CEO of Journey

"Paragon allowed us to start building new integrations right away without any of the pain of figuring out the intricacies of each platform."

Dmitry Dolgopolov
Co-Founder & CTO of DigitalBrain

Automatic Versioning

Paragon automatically saves versions of your integrations that you can restore with a click.

Designed for Enteprise Scale

Paragon robust architecture automatically scales to handle thousands of requests per minute.

Error Handling

Built-in error handling automatically retries failed requests and notifies you of any issues.

Data Security

Paragon utilizes best practices for data storage and encryption. We also offer single-tenant and on-premise deployment options.

Activity History

Get full visibility into your integration activity with detailed logs of every workflow execution.

GDPR Compliance

Paragon is fully GDPR compliant and can easily execute a data processor agreement with your company if needed.

End-to-end monitoring and visibility

Visualize the flow of data throughout every execution to monitor workflow activity. Automatic alerting notifies you of any issues so you can respond easily without digging through server logs.

World-class performance and security.

Paragon’s workflow engine scales to handle thousands of concurrent tasks, automatic retries, and more - delivering enterprise-grade performance and reliability without zero management.

With role-based permissions, SSO, and on-premise deployments, Paragon provides the security and controls to ensure your data is protected.

List of integrations in Paragon

Ship integrations without the hassle

It's not fun stitching together different vendor APIs - with Paragon you can launch new native integrations in minutes from our growing library of SaaS integrations.