Introducing Releases

A more reliable way to manage the lifecycle of your product's native integrations.
Brandon Foo
CEO & Co-Founder
October 31, 2023
minutes to read
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Ship native integrations 7x faster with Paragon

Paragon enables B2B SaaS companies to ship the integrations their customers need with 70% less engineering.

Deploying software changes quickly is a must-have for modern engineering teams. With an embedded integrations platform like Paragon, customers can deploy integration updates instantly with one click.

But without testing environments and comprehensive revision control, it can feel too easy to ship breaking changes.

So today, I'm excited to introduce a full release pipeline, with isolated testing and production environments, available to all Paragon customers.

Release Environments gives you both the speed and safety of a good software development lifecycle for your integrations - you can:

  • Review all changes and effects to existing users before deployment
  • Deploy safely with a Versioned Release
  • Stage updates in separate Main, Staging, and Production environments

Diff, Review, Deploy

You can now create Versioned Releases in Paragon to push integration updates through Main, Staging, and Production Environments.

A Versioned Release in Paragon summarizes all changes that have occurred since the last Release and warns you of any breaking changes for existing users. For example, Paragon will warn you when:

  • OAuth scopes have changed, and some users will need to reconnect
  • New User Settings have been added, and some users will need to add configuration
  • Required Environment Secret values are not present

See a full list of Release Warnings in the documentation.

The New Release screen prompts you to resolve Release Warnings before deploying, so that you can push updates into Staging and Production with confidence.

Main → Staging → Production

Unlike other embedded iPaaS solutions where all integration updates are made in a single environment that is one click away from being pushed to prod, Paragon provides a release pipeline that mirrors your software development lifecycle.

Your Main environment is where you make changes as you’re developing your integrations, such as adding integrations, configuring workflows, and editing the Connect Portal.

Once changes have been applied to your Main environment, you can promote the changeset to your Staging environment by creating a Release.

To further ensure safety, Staging and Production environments are read-only, meaning they can only be modified by Releases.

Releases also can be named and versioned, making it easier to track a series of changes over time.

What’s next

While we’re excited by the impact Releases and these updates will have on improving developer experience for our customers - this is just the start. Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing a series of new updates and improvements to Releases such as the ability to rollback your Paragon environment to previous versions, and we’ll be bringing Paragon even closer to our developers’ existing CI/CD pipelines and git version control systems.

If you are an existing Paragon customer, you can now choose to migrate your Paragon projects over to the Releases framework - more details in our Releases docs here.

Thanks for reading, and looking forward to sharing more updates with you soon!

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