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HubSpot Insufficient Scopes Were Provided

Trying to debug the HubSpot "Insufficient Scopes Were Provided" error? Here's how to fix it.

Example response

“Insufficient scopes were provided. Please contact the app developer”

What causes the HubSpot insufficient scopes error?

An insufficient scopes error happens when there is a mismatch of scopes in your application's HubSpot install URL (OAuth).

For example, let's say your HubSpot application only has the [.inline-code-highlight][.inline-code-highlight] scope selected.

If your install URL has different/additional scopes, such as both [.inline-code-highlight][.inline-code-highlight] and [.inline-code-highlight]cms.domain.write[.inline-code-highlight], you will receive the "Insufficient scopes were provided. Please contact the app developer" error.

Fixing the insufficient scopes error

In your HubSpot developer account, go to your application → Basic infoAuthScopes. Ensure only the scopes you selected for your HubSpot application are present in the install URL.

For the example above, the correct install URL would only contain [.inline-code-highlight][.inline-code-highlight].

For a list of all HubSpot scopes, check out this document.

Setting scopes in Paragon

If you are building a native HubSpot integration using Paragon, given that the SDK provides managed auth, you won't need to worry about including the right scopes in the install URL.

Simply ensure that the scopes you select in Paragon for HubSpot match the scopes you've selected in your HubSpot developer app, and you'll be good to go.

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