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QuickBooks invalid_grant error

Trying to debug the QuickBooks "invalid_grant" error? Here's how to fix it.
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What Causes the QuickBooks invalid_grant Error?

An [.inline-code-highlight]invalid_grant[.inline-code-highlight] error may happen during the OAuth 2.0 authentication flow for QuickBooks during the access (bearer) token request or the token refresh request.

When retrieving the access token, this error may happen because:

  1. An incorrect redirect URI was specified in the request
  2. An incorrect OAuth 2.0 key was used

When refreshing OAuth 2.0 tokens, this error happen for a few reasons including:

  1. There’s an outage on QuickBooks
  2. If the refresh token has expired or revoked

For additional details, check out this document.


If you are getting an [.inline-code-highlight]invalid_grant[.inline-code-highlight] error when getting the access (bearer token):

  1. Make sure the redirect URI in your request matches the one provided in your app’s keys & credentials setting.
  2. Verify that the correct Client ID and Client Secret are used to create the base64 encoded authorization string.

If you are getting an [.inline-code-highlight]invalid_grant[.inline-code-highlight] error when refreshing tokens:

  1. Check if there’s an outage for QuickBooks Online API from the status page.
  2. Try requesting for a new pair of access and refresh tokens.

QuickBooks bearer token request

QuickBooks refresh token request

Hopefully this helps you solve the QuickBooks [.inline-code-highlight]invalid_grant[.inline-code-highlight] error.

Fully managed QuickBooks auth

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