Build workflows on Paragon with Firebase in minutes.

Firebase Features

Firebase is a backend-as-a-service (BaaS) that can be used to store and query data. Connecting Paragon to Firebase takes only a few seconds, and lets you build workflows that query, create, and update data in Firebase. For example, you can build a workflow that sends new users in Firebase welcome emails with Sendgrid.

Read the Paragon + Firebase docs for more information.

Supported Firebase actions in Paragon

  • Auth (User Management): Get user by UID
  • Auth (User Management): Get user by email
  • Auth (User Management): List users
  • Auth (User Management): Create user
  • Auth (User Management): Update user
  • Auth (User Management): Delete user
  • Firestore: Query Firestore
  • Firestore: Insert Document
  • Firestore: Update Document
  • Firestore: Get Document by ID
  • Firestore: Delete Document



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