Integrate your app with Salesforce in minutes with Paragon.

Salesforce Integration

Integrate your app with your customers' Salesforce account in minutes. Paragon provides managed OAuth 2.0 authentication, allowing your customers can securely sign into their Salesforce accounts without leaving your app, and enabling your app to integrate with your customers' Salesforce data.

For example, you could build an integration that creates new leads in your customers' Salesforce CRM when a lead is created in your app, or an integration that displays your customers' Salesforce contacts in your app.

Read the Paragon + Salesforce docs for more information.

Supported Salesforce actions in Paragon

  • OAuth Trigger (sign in with Salesforce)
  • Create Record
  • Update Record
  • Delete Record
  • Get Record by ID
  • Search Records
  • Search by SOQL query
  • Get Record metadata



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