Build amazing integration features

Easily develop even the most complex integration use cases your customers need with our extensible Workflow Builder.

Support any native integration use case

From event-driven workflows to bi-directional syncs, any integration use case your customers want can be built on Paragon.

Trigger integrations from anywhere

Pick from the exhaustive list of trigger types to execute workflows for your users, including:
Re-usable events sent from your app
Webhooks or custom third party triggers
Scheduler to trigger on defined intervals
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Don't waste weeks in 3rd party API docs

Paragon abstracts the 3rd party APIs into pre-built Workflow Actions, so your team won't have to dive into their messy documentation.
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Designed for developer extensibility

Write custom Javascript functions, import libraries & npm packages, and make requests to any 3rd party API endpoint.
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Enable your customers to configure the behavior

With our embeddable, white-labeled UI, your customers can toggle and customize workflows to their needs, including defining user settings and mapping objects and fields.
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Integration maintenance streamlined

Shipping integrations is only the start - offload integration maintenance with:
3rd party integration
Robust error
Auto-scaling &

Learn more about Connect API

Limits off. Our Connect API enables you to have full access to any 3rd party integration’s API endpoints

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