Feature Launch: Custom Integration Builder 🎉 + 3 New Connectors

This month, we're excited to share the launch of our Custom Integration Builder on Product Hunt, as well as three new integrations - Pardot, Microsoft Dynamics, and Xero!
Brian Yam
Head of Marketing
October 21, 2021
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Scale your native integration roadmap today

Paragon enables B2B SaaS companies to ship the integrations their customers need with 70% less engineering.

Hope you had a great summer! This month, we're excited to share the launch of our Custom Integration Builder on Product Hunt, as well as three new integrations - Pardot, Microsoft Dynamics, and Xero!

🚀 Launch: Custom Integration Builder

Today, we're excited to announce our new Custom Integration Builder, which makes it easy to integrate with any SaaS app on Paragon - even if we don't have a pre-built connector for it. Just enter a few details about the app, authentication, and API into our Custom Integration Builder to setup a production-ready connector with any SaaS app in under 20 minutes.

Learn more about it here!

Don't worry, launching the Custom Integration Builder doesn't mean we aren't building more native integrations. We are thrilled to add Pardot, Xero, and Microsoft Dynamics this month!


✨ New Integration: Pardot

Take your customers' marketing automation capabilities to the next level by receiving/pushing engagement and qualification data to personalize their interactions with their users at scale.


✨ New Integration: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sync to your users' Dynamics 365 accounts, contacts, leads, or opportunities so they can close more deals!


✨ New Integration: Xero

Seamlessly create, access, and/or update payments and invoices in your customers' Xero accounts directly from your app, with our new Xero integration.

Check out the docs for all of our integrations here.


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