February 2022 Updates - (Not) Into the Metaverse

While we can't turn your app into an NFT just yet, here are some new integrations and resources that'll help you ship features on autopilot so you can get back to working on those new years resolutions you almost forgot about. Let's dig in!

Product Updates

✨Mailchimp Integration

Did you know that Mailchimp has over 20 million users worldwide? Tap into their ecosystem by allowing your users to manage and sync Mailchimp contacts and campaigns right within your app.

✨Facebook Ads Integration

Easily enable your users to manage and launch Facebook campaigns right from your app, or send conversion events to their Facebook pixel without requiring them to manually track events through scripts.

For a full breakdown of our latest releases and updates, visit our change log here.

Monthly Digest

🎥 Build vs. Buy - Embedded Solutions Roundtable Discussion

Sick of having build vs. buy debates?
We are too, which is why we sat down with leaders from Userpilot, Cord, and Cumul.io to settle it once and for all.
Watch the roundtable discussion where we share our perspectives on when you should absolutely build in-house, and situations when you may want to buy a solution instead.

📖 The 7-step Build vs. Buy Framework for Product Features

To go along with the discussion, read our in-depth build vs buy framework for product features that you can keep in your back pocket for any feature you plan on building in the future.

📖 Calculating the business impact of not having integrations

It's not easy to prioritize building native integrations when there's so much work to be done on your core product to further differentiate your product from the competition. However it's important to measure the MRR you're risking for every backlogged integration, so you know exactly how much it may be hurting your business.

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