November 2021 Updates - Making API Requests Just Got Easier

Can you believe we're already halfway through November?

In this month's update, we want to share the launch of 2 new connectors, a Paragon customer story with, several new feature updates, and an in-depth guide comparing building a Zapier connector with embedded integrations. Let's dive in!

Customer Story

📈 MainStem skyrocketed sales, product, and engineering confidence with Paragon

MainStem, a B2B SaaS supply and purchasing platform purpose for the cannabis industry, relies heavily on integrations to close enterprise prospects and retain existing customers. See how Paragon has enabled them to scale their integration roadmap in the case study video!

Product Updates

✨New Connector: Outreach

You can now enable your customers to add prospects to Outreach sequences directly from your app, and sync accounts, prospects, and opportunities in real-time!

✨New Connector: Google Campaign Manager 360

With our CM360 connector, you can build an integration that enables your customers to create, update, and manage all aspects of their Google Campaign Manager 360 campaigns.

✨New Feature: Integration Request Step

You can now use our Integration Request Step to directly access any API method for any integration, even if Paragon don't have a pre-built workflow action for it. Just provide the API endpoint, request parameters, and you're good to go!

✨ New: HubSpot Engagement Actions

You can now create add engagements like emails, tasks, and notes to HubSpot Contacts using our Workflow Builder.

✨ New: Salesforce Campaign Triggers

You can now trigger Paragon Connect workflows when Opportunities or Members are added your users' Salesforce Campaigns, making it easy to sync data in real-time between your users' CRM and your app. Learn more in our docs.

New: Pardot Triggers

You can now trigger Connect workflows when members/prospects are created in your customers' Pardot accounts, making it easy to sync data in real-time between Pardot and your app.

📖 Monthly Digest

Building a Zapier connector is often the first solution that comes to mind when teams get overwhelmed by integration requests. However, is it the right approach to scale your product's integration roadmap?

This guide covers the benefits and tradeoffs of building a Zapier connector vs. embedding integrations natively in your app.

That's it for now - as always, feel free to book a call with us to learn more about Paragon.

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