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Salesforce invalid grant authentication failure

Trying to debug the Salesforce "invalid_grant authentication failure" error? Here's how to fix it.

What causes the Salesforce Authentication Failure error?

This Salesforce OAuth error can happen for several reasons. Here are a couple common causes:

  1. Users may not be allowed to self-authorize
  2. The base URL is incorrect ([.inline-code-highlight][.inline-code-highlight] for sandbox or [.inline-code-highlight][.inline-code-highlight] for production)

This Salesforce OAuth error can happen because a particular user may not be allowed to self-authorize.

Solving the Authentication Failure error

First, check to see if your base URL is incorrect - if so, that's an easy fix.

If your base URL is correct and you are still getting the authentication failure error, you can try allowing all users to self-authorize.

In your Salesforce account, go to:

[.inline-code-highlight]Apps[.inline-code-highlight] → [.inline-code-highlight]Connected Apps[.inline-code-highlight] → [.inline-code-highlight]Manage Connected Apps[.inline-code-highlight] → [.inline-code-highlight]{{YOUR APP}}[.inline-code-highlight] → [.inline-code-highlight]Edit Policies[.inline-code-highlight] to go to your Connected App’s Edit page

Under Permitted Users, select All users may self-authorize and hit save.

Hopefully this helps you solve the [.inline-code-highlight]{"error": "invalid_grant", "error_description": "authentication_failure"}[.inline-code-highlight] error!

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