Embedded iPaaS: Paragon vs. Cyclr

See why companies always choose Paragon to ship the integrations their customers need.

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Trusted by B2B SaaS companies around the world
Trusted by B2B SaaS companies globally
Trusted by B2B SaaS companies globally

A superior end-to-end integration experience

Paragon provides a better experience in every layer, from managed authentication to your customers' UI.

For developers and product teams

Ship integrations without the hassle

Built by developers who obsess over the finest details, Paragon makes the SDK setup extremely simple for developers, while providing tools to abstract away the complexities for less technical team members.

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For your customers

Enable integration workflows in one click

Provide your users a fully white-labeled, Stripe-like experience when activating and choosing the integration workflows that you build through Paragon.

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How do we compare?

1 day/integration
Managed Oauth 2.0 Authentication
Custom Integration Builder
1 hour replies on Slack
Modernized with full feature flexibility
Fully configurable for any integration
App connector required
No Authentication Layer
Custom Connectors
Email only
Outdated and rigid UX
N/A for custom integrations

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Maintain all the benefits of Paragon

We provide a better experience in every layer, from your team to your customers.


Fully managed OAuth 2.0 authentication

Save your team from having to learn complex, vendor-specific authentication methods for each integration.
Paragon offers fully managed OAuth 2.0 authentication for every integration - even on our custom integrations.

No integration feature limitations

Highly extensible for developers

Build deeper integration workflows by retaining access to all API endpoints.
Customize the look and feel of your end-user UI, and provide advanced settings for your customers to tailor their own integration experience.

Visual Workflow Builder

Accelerate time to production

Ship new integrations on-demand in minutes for customers - Paragon enables even non-technical team members to ship new integrations with our visual workflow builder.

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