Accounting INtegrations

Integrate with your users' accounting stack

Design your app's accounting integration logic once and easily ship all the accounting/ERP integrations your users need, without any limitations.
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Connect to popular accounting/ERP tools

Integrate with any other accounting/ERP platform using our custom integration builder

Don't make users wait months for the integrations they need

Future-proof your native integration roadmap

Build in-house
Unified APIs
Build any native integration
Limited by Unified API provider
Fully-managed authentication
 Abstraction of APIs and webhooks
Minimal webhook support
Direct access to all 3rd party API endpoints
Very limited
Workflow engine built for syncing at scale
Built-in workflow retry + replay logic
Robust monitoring suite for debugging
Maintainable integration workflow editor
Self-hosted deployment (on-premise)
Cloud Only
Access to a team of expert integration solution engineers

Why SaaS companies choose Paragon

"It was seamless and easy to replace our legacy integrations using Paragon. We were able to get rid of two codebases, and have integrations that just work."

We loved their documentation from the start, when choosing a vendor in the first place. Within less than 2 weeks we have launched our first integrations to Slack, Hubspot and Salesforce thanks to Paragon"

“Paragon not only saved us weeks of engineering time delivering a Salesforce integration for our customers, we can now consistently ship new integrations and move upmarket.”

“Paragon helped us quickly ship a Slack integration that we were always putting on the back burner. Now it’s live and serving happy customers in under a month.”

Engineering saved
increase in deal sizes
reduction in churn
saved on maintenance

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